From Concept to Production… Count on Owosso Composite


Our talented design and engineering team starts with your idea. We take the time to understand the real world functionality requirements and your styling trends. We bring your vision to paper with hand sketch drawings then to detailed representation with CAD.

Tool Building

From old world hand crafted modeling to computer controlled 5 axis sculpting your concept is brought to reality. We know the best tools come from the best models. Once the perfect model is achieved, we produce highest quality tools.

Tool Revisions

Our skilled tool builders can restyle, reshape, and recondition your existing molds.

Production & Scheduling

Production is much more to us than simply pulling a part out of a mold. Communication is the first and most important step to producing your parts. Understanding your own production schedule, logistic needs, and accounting strategies play a major roll in how and when we produce your parts. We continuously assess the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of the materials throughout the production process. Proper packaging, handling, and delivery are also part of the total production solution. Our job is not done until you can use the part in your own production.


Resin Transfer Molding provides advantages with respect to repeatability, lower waist, better dimensional tolerances, and a finished backside surface .

Open Mold

Our skilled team produces unmatched quality even in open mold production. Open Mold offers benefits for odd and complex shapes, designs requiring extra strength, and lower tooling cost.